Bridging Biobanks in MENA Countries to Promote Research and Healthcare Symposium

Yayınlanma Tarihi: 04-05-2018

This symposium aims to establish and strengthen existing collaborative biobanking networks in the MENA countries, as well as to facilitate their integration with the pan-European counterparts. Via conferences, international and local experts will meet with participants to share their expertise and vision in state-of-the-art in biobanking: current requirements and challenges that include harmonized procedures, promotion of quality standards, sustainability, and management will be discussed in the framework of ethical, legal and social dimensions. The importance of centralized and harmonized biobanking for maximizing the impact of national genome projects on research and healthcare will be discussed by a panel of experts from MENA countries. Steps to establish a MENA biobanking network will be discussed in a forum and a conseunsus report will be prepared.

This symposium is co-funded by a European Commission H2020 project, ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC under grant nr 676550.

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